About Georgia

Peachy the Cat Georgia Carrol - Ottawa Real Estate Agent Realtor - Buy a Home or Sell a Home Condo - The Ottawa Realty Experience - Best Realtor in Ottawa area

The girl behind the peach

Being someone who is enthusiastic about the little things in life, I thought I would share a list of my favourites. I find this can tell you a lot about a person. A tell all, dating site equivalent description, if you will. I think I am funny; I might be the only one. Scroll through my favourites below!

No. 1: My calico kitty Peachy

When I am not working (I am always working in one way or another), I enjoy moments with my calico kitty Peachy (how on brand), who loves to keep me accountable by waking up early to make sure I feed her on time. Peachy has been an incredible asset for my productivity.

No. 2: Mindfulness

I am obsessed with the stillness of each morning when I have my hot cup of coffee, sit down to journal and incorporate mindfulness into each day. It is the most perfect way to start the day.

Peachy the Cat Georgia Carrol - Ottawa Real Estate Agent Realtor - Buy a Home or Sell a Home Condo - The Ottawa Realty Experience - Best Realtor in Ottawa area

No. 3: Discovering new restaurants & hosting events

I love checking out new restaurants around town and can never deny a creamy dish of pasta. I live for the details in life and will absolutely find any excuse to host and organize an event. I will also try to incorporate karaoke at any cost. Consider this your warning.

No. 4: Candles & the outdoors

The scent of a good crackling candle cannot be beat (anything vanilla or bergamot). I would love to be surrounded by trees on the daily and enjoy exploring the great wilderness. However, I am a stick to the trail kind of gal and snacks are imperative.

No. 5: Cute Decor and Anything Pink

Valentine’s Day happens to be my favourite day of the year, simply because I love, love and cute décor. I absolutely will not turn down a bonfire and if you haven’t picked up on this yet, I love pink!

Georgia Pink Jacket Georgia Carrol - Ottawa Real Estate Agent Realtor - Buy a Home or Sell a Home Condo - The Ottawa Realty Experience - Best Realtor in Ottawa area

Getting down to business

I am a third generation Real Estate Sales Representative. I guess you could say real estate is in my blood. Helping my clients learn and navigate the market has been a passion of mine since 2016. I was able to start in this industry with the direct mentorship of my father, allowing the opportunity to learn the ropes quickly and effectively. With him wanting to take a step back and slow down in his career and with me wanting to take over the world, it became the perfect passing of the torch moment.

My passion for this industry runs deep and is something I hope to share and develop even further throughout the entirety of my career. Currently, I am involved in the Your Professional Network committee for our Ottawa Board of Real Estate. Being part of this industry, I believe it is necessary to be involved and find ways to continuously make it stronger. I love what I do, and the best part of my job is connecting with wonderful people like you!

Georgia Pink Jacket Georgia Carrol - Ottawa Real Estate Agent Realtor - Buy a Home or Sell a Home Condo - The Ottawa Realty Experience - Best Realtor in Ottawa area

Georgia’s Market Recap

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I have bought two properties with Georgia's help and would recommend her to anyone with real estate needs! She has been wonderful. She takes the time to understand what your needs are and will not stop until you have found the property that you need. She is very patient and does not pressure you to buy unless you are sure. She also gives very good advice about any anticipated problems with a property. We have been on countless showings with her until we found what we wanted. I strongly recommend her and her work and I have been giving her name to all my friends and acquaintances.

Katerine Nikolitch

Georgia was simply amazing. She made sure to take the time to take me through the process of selling a home and answer all of the questions that I had. She was always readily available when I was trying to reach her by telephone. She was always cool, calm and collected when challenging situations arose. I recommend Georgia strongly. She has such a wonderful personality and cares about her clients. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Katie Villeneuve

Georgia has been working with us for years, starting as a manager of the apartment I rented, then she became my agent when I bought my first home. The transaction went extremely well with Georgia. She also has a wide network of excellent professionals to help home buyers with any need that they might have. Highly recommended!

Khanh Bui

Georgia is fantastic! She was very attentive and patient. She made sure we didn’t feel pressured or rushed. She was knowledgeable about the areas of the city that would best suit our needs. She gave us great advice on the various builders and what to expect with the style of homes. Georgia is also someone who is not afraid to speak up for her client. She goes above and beyond. She made sure our experience was enjoyable and stress free. I highly recommend Georgia!

Jessica Ush

Georgia was amazing at helping us quickly move on a house that perfectly fit our needs. She gave us lots of guidance in the buying process and made sure our offer was presented in the strongest way possible. Her communication skills were always thorough and to the point. She responded quickly to my emails and texts. I appreciated her honesty. Georgia’s ability to shine in a fast paced environment is apparent and her abilities to pivot and readjust are uncanny. I would strongly recommend using Georgia for the purchase or sale of your home.

Nicky Szullo

Georgia is by far the best real estate agent I've ever met! She really listens to what you want while also managing expectations. She will never try to force you to spend more than you're comfortable spending or bend the truth just to get a sale. She is extremely professional while being personable, we had a blast looking at houses with her. We have now bought 2 houses with her and sold 1, both times we got the house that we wanted for under asking. She is a truly amazing realtor and a compassionate human being. I can't recommend her enough!

Kristen Buschlen